The Anatomy of an Effective Tweet

By February 25, 2015Blog, Branding, Marketing, Social Media

Everyone is interested in using Social Media to advance the reputation of their brands and products.

The topic of Social Media as a whole can be daunting. Today we are going to take a look at one facet of social media: Twitter.

The key to success on Twitter comes from tweets. Tweets, as most people know, are the 140 character, hashtag-laden, notifications that are the main source of contact on Twitter. These short blurbs seem too small to make a difference, but a well thought-out and effective tweet can do wonders for your presence online.

Now, on to the anatomy:

1) Be Concise. You only have 140 characters (including spaces, punctuation and hashtags!) to express your entire thought. [For reference, this first bullet point is about 190 characters.]

2) Share something meaningful. Get to the point quickly and forcefully. Make your claim or observation and get on with it.

3) Avoid slang abbreviations. While it is tempting to use “2’s” and “u’s” to get a few extra characters into your tweet, such language typically appears unprofessional. It is better to trim words out completely than to simply shorten them to slang.

4) Use hashtags judiciously. Hashtags are important to categorize your tweets and reach your specific niche. However, a wall of blue text following your message can easily encourage your audience to skip the last half of your tweet.

5) Use rich media. Videos and pictures, where applicable, can raise the engagement of your audience. Studies show these tweets reach far larger audiences.

6) Use a URL shortener. Shortening URL’s gets people quick access to your site and saves you characters for the body of your tweet.

7) Don’t be afraid to @ a fellow Twittizen. Replying to a follower increases engagement and makes your profile dynamic. Mentioning a company that you’ve worked with builds trust. Don’t bombard people or companies with direct tweets.

8) Avoid Controversial Topics. Safe your private opinions for your private Twitter account. Take stands in areas that mean a lot to you (i.e. a petition to support a law protecting small businesses). However, remember that your account is meant to showcase your business and everything that it has to offer not as a soapbox for politics or other issues.

9) Leave a call to action. In your tweets, try to get your followers to do something. This list of actions is almost limitless; it can include retweet if, check out this video, write a review, etc. The list really goes on and on. Use your platform to drive people to action that increases your business presence.

Look at how this tweet incorporates many of the tips that we discussed above.

Not every tweet should look the same. Use your best judgment to get your information to your customers. Following these basic tips should get you started off right as you begin to tweet.

Use this incredible tool to further your reach to clients.