My Company in 30 Seconds: The Classic Elevator Pitch

By February 17, 2015Blog, Branding, Marketing, Start Up Advice

“So, what does your company do?”

This question presents a golden opportunity for you and your company. As a business owner having a potential client come to you is a dream. This opportunity, however, can be easily squandered. Not being sure of what you are going to say, speaking too technically, bogging the listener down with details, or taking up too much of the listeners time are all sure ways of leaving a bad impression with your client-to-be. If you have taken precaution and prepared yourself for this moment, you will walk away feeling satisfied with your encounter. Use some of the tips on this blog to streamline your company pitch.

1) Be Prepared. You need to be ready to give your pitch at any time, in any place. Be ready at parties, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and – of course – elevators. Don’t have a verbatim monologue on hand, but be familiar with the ideas that you want to get across to your listeners. Know some quick facts and stats that can be used to shore up any points that you want to make.

2) Be General. Don’t tell everyone that you meet about a specific nuance of your niche that you think your company excels at. Talk about the overarching strengths and goals of your business. Let people know what you do in a broad way. Have a few examples of specific success stories that you are ready to share. These will serve to back up the broad picture that you have already created.

3) Be Concise. You know what is like to have a full schedule. It is frustrating for you when a meeting runs over time or an interviewee can’t stop talking about nothing. You don’t want to leave that impression when you give this spiel. Express the ideas that you have. Show your listener why your company is a great thing, but don’t belabor the conversation. If you say you’ll take 2 minutes, take 2 minutes. If a length is not specified, take about a minute. Read the body language of your listener; adjust the pitch accordingly.

With these tips you will be able to capitalize on the opportunities afforded to you. With a little knowhow and preparation you’ll go far.