Double your conversion rate, double your sales.

Our data-driven process refines your sales funnel from A-Z.

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How do we do it?

We call it the
“Get Customers Cheaper”


Gather data…
lots of data

It’s critical to understand the behavior of your website visitors. The goal is to give them the information they want so that they trust you and in return give you their information or purchase your product. The first step is to know what they are doing!

Using our unique tracking methods we identify “winning” and “problem” areas of your website. This is done by gathering data for at least 30 days and any historical data available.

To build out your optimization plan correctly we set up multiple macro and micro goals, conversions, event tracking, and a number of other variables.


Analyze data using
a 7-step analysis

Our CRO analyst team consists of media buyers, web designers, data analysts, and UX/UI specialists. This team has years of experience pouring over web data, you get to leverage loads of knowledge and expertise from a team that does this everyday.

When our team is working on your campaign you’ll see them surrounding a large table analyzing data, and interpreting recorded visits of your website visitors. They do this until they can walk away with a clear understanding of what your website visitors want and don’t want – this is key.


Website, marketing collateral & sales funnel

We take what we’ve learned from the data of your site visitors, add in proven best-practice design specifically for conversion and deliver to you an improved sales funnel experience for your potential customers. This may include redesigned landing pages, changes to multiple pages on your site, suggesting traffic from new marketing avenues, and more.

In addition to design and sales funnel architecture recommendations, it is critical to align the entire campaign from first touch point to the checkout process. Specifically your marketing ads and the audience you are targeting. Bottom line is- we optimize your campaign from A-Z. If there is a weak point, we identify it and give the solution.


Watch your cost per acquisition go down and your conversion rate go up

“Wow! That is all we have to say.”

“The work Avant8 has done for us has definitely raised our game to the next level. Our traffic and rankings have consistently risen each month. We have mistakenly used other marketing agencies- much to our detriment. Before, there was little transparency in what was happening behind the scenes with our website and digital marketing, but Avant8 takes the time to answer all of our questions and clearly maps out our digital marketing business plan with success. Our office is seriously grateful we made the decision to use Avant8 and we recommend them to everyone!”

– Jacob S. Froerer, D.D.S. M.S.D



Lower cost per customer acquisition to $25.

What we did

We gathered and analyzed the data to optimize the client’s landing page while simultaneously finding winning combinations of ads and keywords.


The client’s consumer acquisition cost dropped to $9 and online sales increased by over 200%.

Companies we’ve helped

In all seriousness,

data optimization is the lifeblood of all business. Unfortunately, most don’t know how to deal with it. We take a statistically-proven approach to lower your customer acquisition cost by 51% and make sure that your online business performs at its optimal level.

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