Experts, Experts, Experts …

By July 9, 2012Blog, Social Media


As time goes by and our social interaction becomes increasingly more digitized I read about and come in contact with people who claim to be “experts” in the Social Media world. It never sits well with me to think that someone is giving themselves that title, shouldn’t that be something awarded by peers and clients after a demonstration of knowledge. What qualifies them as that? Take me for example, I on average spend 10-12 hours 5 days a week in front of a computer exploring social bookmarking, back linking, article writing and better ways to promote and integrate branding into the online social world for my clients. Despite the hundreds of hours spent doing this I would still not be so bold as to claim to be an expert. I find it fascinating that people are interesting enough there are many that think that because they have a Facebook account and have helped out a few friends that all of a sudden they are the knowledgeable ones. Here’s a heads up … an opinion does not make you an expert.

Following the people that I would consider to be “Guru’s” and Experts such as Brian Solis and Guy Kawasaki continually helps me appreciate that its takes way more time and experience than most “Experts” have put in. Spending time focusing on metrics, results and brainstorming for new avenues and mediums to engage in this evolving social landscape gives you the experience and insight to claim that title.

Do you know any self-professed gurus? What are the credentials of a true expert?

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