The Importance of Integrating Mobile Marketing into your Business Plan

By November 18, 2014Blog, Social Media
Mobile Marketing Blog Post

Whether your business is a simple Food Truck driving around every day, or an established business that has been around for years you, need to integrate mobile marketing into your business marketing strategies.

Why? Well let’s see some of the facts proven from recent studies.


1) Over half of customers care about your website being mobile friendly. Studies have proven that over 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that has a mobile optimized website. In that same study they also found that customers are more likely to take there business to the competitors if they encounter your website isn’t mobile friendly.

2) Coupons on mobile devices get 10 times the rate of redemption vs traditional coupons. If your business relies on new customers coming in and out consistently then you understand the power of coupons by now. Just imagine if you had ten times that rate of actual redemption. This also means ten times the ROI.

3) Mobile is as close as you can get to the consumer. In the perfect world of marketing, you would be able to reach your customer any time, anywhere to notify them of some type of promotion or sale going on in real time.

Well let’s think about that…

Do most mobile users have their own device? Yes.
Do most mobile users have their device with them at all times? Yes.

And with most mobile providers requiring data plans with a phone there are very simple ways to reach them.
To put this in context Americans spend on average per day 2.7 hours “socializing” on their mobile devices. This is twice the amount spent eating.

If those stats don’t convince you, check out some of these other random facts.

– 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. 50% lead to an actual sale.
– 25% of Americans use mobile devices to access the internet.
– 81% of smartphone users have researched a product on their phone and 50% have made a purchase on that same phone.
– 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arms reach.
– 94% of users stated that poor web design is a reason not to trust a website.
– In 2013, mobile phones surpassed the PC as the most web accessed device.
– By 2016, mobile devices are projected to grow to 1.4 billion. That’s from 889 million just in 2012.
– 1/3 of American adults own a tablet.