The Importance of Logo Design: Four Tips for Small Business Owners

By May 27, 2014Blog, Branding, Design

As a small business owner, understanding brand identity and logos can sometimes be an overwhelming battle. You know that a good logo is important, but why? Often, a well designed logo that means something more to your consumer than a nice icon and a good font will increase trust and loyalty, which will inevitably increase sales.

Think about some of the good brands that we all know. When I say Coca-Cola, or Apple,  you, as the consumer, feel some sort of emotion toward these companies. How about when I mention Pepsi or Microsoft? Chances are, if you like Coke or Apple, you feel negatively toward their competitors. This emotion goes beyond just liking their products. Consumers enjoy the way these brands make them feel.

The logo is the face of the company, and the brand is the soul. Knowing this is important when you start creating a logo. I had a teacher in high school who once told me, “By time you’re 40 years old, you’re responsible for how your face looks.” If you’re a grumpy person, your face will show it. The same is true of your company. When you create a poorly designed logo, it will say that your company is disorganized, lower-quality, and often cheap.

When considering either redesigning or creating a logo for your company, there are some important factors to consider:

1. Know who you are.

Before going into this process, it’s important to know who you are as a company. Who is your target market? What are you selling? What emotion would you like the consumer to feel when interacting with you?

Three different styles of brand marks.

Three different styles of brand marks that can each send quite a different message.

2. Pick a designer that you like.

Choose one who understands your company, and already has the artistic style that you feel conveys

3. Remember that price is important.

A cheap logo will reflect badly on your company. It is better to pay a little more now to have a great logo from the start, than to pay more money later, after having lost sales due to a poorly designed logo.

4. The logo is JUST the face of the company.

You will also need to create an entire brand built up around this logo. By itself, the logo will not create the emotions necessary to get strong brand loyalty. Those will have to come with consistent advertising, product development, and customer interactions.

Overall, choosing a logo is like picking the paint color on the wall. You need it to reflect who you are as a company. Keep in mind, even though the logo is just the face, it’s what customers remember, so it is vitally important that it is exactly what you want them to take away.


-Brian, Lead Graphic Designer