Key Customer Retention Methods

Customer service is an extremely important aspect of any business.

People who are genuinely happy with the experience that they have had with your company are great for advertising your products.

When things don’t go perfectly with your product, a good customer service representative can help you retain a customer. Like many other aspects of business there are some quick guidelines that will ensure success in this facet of your business.

Today we are going to focus on the importance of language used in communication with customers. First and foremost it should acknowledged that when people call a customer service number they are typically not the happiest they have ever been. With this in mind, don’t allow yourself to get too emotionally involved in the exchange.

Don’t let your feelings get hurt by a disgruntled customer. With that said, we are ready to get started with our general tips.

1) Use the Customer’s Name – Everyone loves the sound of their own name. There is something comforting about being spoken to as you and not as another nameless complaint. Asking for a name, and using it throughout the conversation, can really help a customer feel respect. Once that relationship of respect is established it is easier to communicate and help fix the problem.

2) Emphasize a Desire to Help – Specifically use the word “help.” Say something like, “I am happy to help with that.” When someone knows that your goal is to help them they can feel that you are actually caring for them. This allows them to know that you care about the issues that have been brought up and, if you sound sincere, that you want to help them.

3) Empathize – Try to understand the situation from the customer’s point of view. An ability to empathize is key to anyone wanting to give customer service a go. If a customer feels like you are really listening, and if they feel like their problems matter to you, they will generally have a more positive experience.

4) Use Positive Language – Speak in a positive manner. Instead of “I can’t have that product delivered until next month.” Consider, “That product will be available next month. I will place the order right now and it will ship as soon as it reaches our warehouse.” This small change can make a customer happier. In their mind you are granting their request. Focus on the solution that you presenting to the customer rather than on the problems that the customer is experiencing.

These tips can help your business get on its way to happy returning customers. Even grumpy customers can be satisfied if you put your best customer service foot forward.