Let them eat cake.

By October 23, 2014Blog, Marketing

Adding some sugar to explain the difference between marketing and advertising.

Unraveling the relationship between marketing and advertising is like trying to define the relationship between sugar and cake. Sure, you can eat sugar by itself. But we all know that adding a few more ingredients can make something even more awesome.

Namely… Cake.

Sugar is to the awesomeness of cake as advertising is to an effective marketing plan.

Think of all the different companies, and their adverts, that you come into contact with each day.

A radio promotion.

A coupon code in your email inbox.

A flyer on your doorstep.

A web banner on your favorite site.

Making a blockbuster hit takes great actors. But it also takes talented writers, editors, designers, and a director to make it a success — just like research, public relations, customer service and sales play their part behind the spotlight.

So we not only need sugar, but eggs, flour, maybe some chocolate chips… all combined together to get an excellent cake.

If everything comes together just right, an effective marketing plan represents more than a product or an individual ad. It represents the personality of the organization and its values.

Well, I’ve made myself hungry.