Social Media – Your Online Shop Window!

By October 15, 2013Blog, Marketing, Social Media

It’s official. Actually, it’s been official for ages now. Social media marketing is an integral part of a successful SEO campaign, because the whole world seems to be online.  There are the bold few that are still avoiding creating a Facebook account, but when your Grandmother wishes you happy birthday on your wall (complete with birthday cake emoticon) you know it’s only a matter of time before the stalwart fall.

Isn’t social media only for recreation though, playing games and stalking exes? No indeed, most social networks (check out Pinterest for example) now offer business or brand pages for companies to utilize and the masses are loving them! Think about it, real time access to the business or organization that you love, maybe even a retweet from your favorite football team or designer brand?  Who doesn’t want that? This girl DOES.  Add to that the special discounts that savvy businesses are offering their online fans and it’s a win all round.

Managed social media marketing will help your business have a voice in the social media conversation so it is important to let that voice be heard by as many people as possible.

But how can you actually start to use social media?  This process works very simply! All you have to do is create, populate and maintain various social networks of your choice.  This gives you a place to direct new and current customers, showing them what you offer and what is going on. It’s important to post daily about topics of your choice, whilst interacting personally with customers using a voice of your choosing.

You have the option of maintain these things yourself, but it can also be wise to pay a professional do so.  This simply involves sending them some content (meaning pictures, articles or information on products) and then telling them what you are hoping to achieve.  You can then sit back as a social media presence is created for you! Your voice, your brand, without the work.

Sound good? I agree. Contact us today for more information.