How To Tell If You Are In Love With Your Job

By February 13, 2015Blog, Food for thought, Marketing

As a small business owner time in our jobs can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is not unusual to feel irritated about parts of business or specific days that turn sour, but there has to be a way to determine if we REALLY love what we do. Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of HubSpot, discussed the topic in depth. We thought his outline is great as we consider the loves that we have this Valentine’s Day. The points are quotes from Shah’s interview with our own commentary added.

1) You don’t talk about other people; you talk about the cool things that other people are doing. When you love your job you find no need to gossip about other people’s difficulties. You talk about success because you are happy for them because you are happy with yourself.

2) You think “I hope I get…” instead of, “I hope I don’t have to…” Discover and exploration of your job brings you happiness. This doesn’t mean you have to love making reports and balancing complex budgets, but it should mean that you view much of your job with a sense of excitement.

3) You see your internal and external customers not as people to satisfy but simply as people. People aren’t numbers. You think of them with your needs and desires. You enjoy solving their problems and meeting their needs.

4) You enjoy your time at work. You find happiness in work; you don’t have to escape your life at work to be happy. Loving your job makes it a part of your life.

5) You would recommend working at your company to your best friend. You think that your company is so amazing; you think that anyone would be stoked to enjoy it. You talk about it in a positive way when you are with your friends.

6) You don’t think about surviving. You think about winning. You are worried about unlocking your potential and impacting your company for good. This isn’t just a place you go several times a week in order to afford groceries.

7) You see your managers (and employees) as people you work with. You feel valued and respected.

8) You don’t want to let your coworkers or employees down. You like the people you work with so much that you don’t want to do anything that could hurt them. You admire them for their talent and abilities.

9) You hardly ever look at the clock. You are so engaged in your work that the passing of time is almost unnoticed. When your gaze finds the clock you are surprised to see how much time has gone by.

10) You view success in terms of fulfillment and gratification – not just promotions and money. You see yourself missing your job if you got another higher paying job.

11) You leave work with items on your to-do list you’re excited about tackling tomorrow. You have new innovative things to try every day. There are so many things you enjoy about your work that you don’t have time to cross them all off in a day.

12) You help without thinking. You see employees and coworkers needing help and you just do it. You find that others help you out when you are in a bind with the same amount of gusto.

13) You don’t think about retirement, because it sounds boring. And you know that it would be a lot less fulfilling.

How many of the above the statements apply to you and your job?

If you said:
0-3: You may want to find a new job. Life is short.
4-6: You don’t hate your job… but you don’t love it either. What can you do differently?
7-10: You really enjoy your job and the people you work with.
11-14: You are deeply, madly in love with your job! (and your friends are jealous!)

Now, you won’t feel every one of these things all the time in your line of work. If you can genuinely say that you experience most of these most of the time, you may have just found your true love of a job.