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Avant8 is a full service digital marketing agency located in Downtown Salt Lake City, specializing in quantifiable growth drivers, actionable strategy and stellar creative. As a premier SEO Company in Salt Lake City we focus on high quality creative combined with driving sales to your site. Whether it’s by increasing your web traffic through Search Engine Optimization, revamping your sales funnels through CRO, creating an insta-worthy Brand, or building the Website of your dreams, the end result is the same. We get lead costs down, ROI up and turn concepts and ideas into dollars and cents.


8 out of 10 Americans now shop online, so winning the battle for digital dominance is essential. As a Google Partner, with our roots planted firmly in SEO and our team of user experience experts, we can help you do it. 75% of all click traffic lives on Page One, and it’s time for you to get a piece. At Avant8 we act as a catalyst for the success and growth of our clients through innovation, creativity & genuine giving-a-shit.

80% of Americans shop online.
75% of traffic lives on Page One.
We 100% give-a-shit.

the difference is night and day

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Creative Agency in Salt Lake City

Avant8 is a creative agency in Salt Lake City. We offer web design, SEO, CRO, Pay-Per-Click, Branding, and Social Media agency services. Our web design is top-notch and high-quality, built with customized features to meet your requirements.

SLC Marketing Nearby

If you are looking for an SLC Marketing company, look no further. Avant8 is a great marketing company that offers quality results. Don’t blend in. Take the steps needed to get ahead of the competition. Read more about our marketing services here on our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff today.

Top Marketing Agency Salt Lake City

Being an excellent marketing agency in Salt Lake City is our goal. We aim to provide the best marketing you can get.  We are experts in top-notch marketing campaigns and creative design. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to assist you further.

SEO Company in Utah SEO Agency

We are an SEO Company in Utah SEO Agency. Search Engine Optimization is key to gaining results on the web and getting people to land on your website. The more SEO you have completed, the easier it is for potential customers to find your website rather than your competitors. We are also more than just a Salt Lake City Utah SEO Company, bringing paid and social media marketing expertise and creative brilliance. SLC Marketing.

Marketing Company in Salt Lake

As a Utah marketing agency, we offer services to advertise on Google ads, Facebook, other leading social media platforms, as well as services to help improve your traffic-to-sales rate, also known as conversion rate optimization, or CRO. We also help with branding, logo design, and graphic design for your marketing campaigns. Creative marketing agency Salt Lake City.

Being the Top SEO Company in Utah. CRO is Our Secret Sauce.

In addition to being a Utah SEO Company, we are also a CRO company. As such, we focus CRO campaigns on increasing conversions and sales that your website generates.  The most important aspect on your website is conversion optimization, because if your website isn’t turning into customers, why would you need a website at all. The goal of Conversion Rate Optimization is to increase the amount of actions users take divided by the overall users who visit the website.

CRO is Important for Paid Search
  • CRO is Important for Paid Search Company in Salt Lake City
  • Reduce Wasted Spend with CRO
  • Focus on Conversions, and Increasing
  • Reach Optimal Cost Per Conversion
  • Lower Cost Per Conversion
  • Increase Conversion Volume & Value
Conversion Rate Optimization is Important for SEO
  • CRO Helps Get More Bang for Your SEO Rankings
  • Focus on the Funnel and Improving Conversions
  • Cause Users to Take Action
  • Increase Return on Investment
  • Focus on More Conversions and Website Goals
Web Design in Salt Lake City

As a Salt Lake City Website Designer and marketing agency Salt Lake City, we value a quality website that is also up-to-date with the latest standards in web practices.  Wordpress web design is essential to keeping up with the latest, as over 30% of websites are done in wordpress as of 2019.

Utah Web Design Best Practices
  1. Make sure to utilize back-ups of your website to protect your website data
  2. Create websites in an environment where you can develop a staging site, and later push it to live in order to minimize errors editing live websites
  3. Use top notch web design Salt Lake City and graphic designers to get the best looking site possible
  4. An SSL certificate is required to build trust and is also a Salt Lake City SEO Agency Utah ranking factor
  5. Utah is a very digital state, and a web site is essential for success in the marketing agency Salt Lake City
Best SEO Salt Lake City Firm Nearby

When it comes to choosing the best SEO Salt Lake City firm, we have you covered. Simply call us today.

A Trusted SEO Agency Utah

You want to make sure you pick a trusted SEO agency Utah. Call us and get more information.

Looking for Salt Lake City SEO?

When it comes to Salt Lake City SEO, Avant8 knows what works best.  Changes to your local search optimization is a way to perform well for search engine optimization in Salt Lake City. Get in touch with our company to learn more about how we can help you show up when your customers are looking for you.

Salt Lake City SEO Company

We are a Salt Lake City SEO Office. Search Engine Optimization is critical to picking up results on the web and getting individuals to arrive on your site. The more SEO you have finished, the simpler it is for potential clients to discover your site instead of your rivals. We are additionally something other than a Utah SEO Organization, bringing paid and web based life advertising ability and innovative splendor. SLC Advertising.

Creative Organization in Utah

As a Salt Lake creative organization, we offer administrations to publicize on Google advertisements, Facebook, other driving web based life stages, just as administrations to help improve your traffic-to-deals rate, otherwise called conversion rate optimization, a.k.a. CRO. We likewise help with marking, logo plan, and visual design for your creative advertising. Innovative advertising office Utah.