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Let’s be honest for a moment, if customers can’t find you then they can’t buy from you, and as an agency that helps our customers sell stuff, that makes us sad. Being as we are an SEO services company, we feel like it’s only fair that we treat your search visibility as though it was our own. Or in other words, we actually care about you getting results. We won’t saturate your site with spammy and repetitive keywords, instead, we’ll do AMAZING (yes, that just happened) Google compliant SEO that gets long term profitable results. SEO makes it easy for your brand to gain visibility and get to the top spots on search engines i.e Google.




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It’s a fact. People don’t want to go hunting through pages and pages of results to find what they need. And why should they? Especially when search engines like Google have put so much work into their algorithms, to ensure that queries are correctly answered by the top few urls. Search engines pull up results that are the most relevant and popular for a user’s query, and web users have been trained to trust those first few options with their browsing.

We could bore you with lots of data to back this up (and we might if you come in and meet with us), but chances are that you found us through the terms “search engine optimization”, “SEO companies” or something similar. You see how that worked, you searched, we showed up and here we are!

At Avant8 we use the right keywords and phrases (related to your business) to achieve maximum rank and relevance. We not only get inside the mind of your potential customers as we curate a list of search terms, but our choices are backed up by real data, gathered by our search engine experts. We then use our tried and tested ‘white hat’ SEO process to get you optimal results, including the holy grail that is Page One.

Here are a few basic strategies we make sure to implement on every project:


SEO focuses on the keywords found within your website content that have high monthly search volume. On-page content and keyword structuring is key to any successful SEO campaign regardless if you are trying to rank your GMB (Google My Business) page locally or launch a national search engine optimization campaign. 

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Meta Tags and structured data help Google better understand what’s important on your site. We make sure that all of the appropriate pages have the correct markup on them along with any SEO plugins that your site may need.Don’t worry these are all pieces of text that describe what’s on the webpage. These snippets are not visible to users, but rather are placed in the HTML code.

<meta name=”description” content=”This is where you add your meta description. Make it count.”>


Content is King … that is all! What that means is the more content you add to your site (think blog posts) the more useful information you give to the mighty Google … (and your site visitors of course) By frequently adding great content to your site, you become more of a useful resource & subject matter expert. Guess what happens next?? You’ve guessed it, Google gives you more love!

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing

Avant8 is a digital marketing agency. They specialize in web design and development, as well as offer multiple other standard digital agency marketing services.

It has become increasingly more important to get your brand in front of consumers that may have never heard of you. Like we said above; the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google. Think about it it, how often do you leave page 1 in search of a product or service? The answer is, probably not all that often. Guess what? Everyone else is just the same as you if they can’t find it in a quick scroll of page 1, then all hope is lost. In all seriousness, there are only 3 spots available for your to appear in page 1 maps results and 10 spots on the rest of page 1, If you, like us,  have more than 10 competitors then it is ESSENTIAL that you don’t just claim one of those spots, but that you dominate the top spots. The equation is quite simple:

Better visibility = more site visitors. More site visitors = more customers.

Don’t overcomplicate it, we don’t. Let us do what we are best at so that you can stay focused on what you do best … build your business.

SEO is like second nature to us. Check out some of the real results that we’ve achieved with our clients:


No matter where you are in the country, Avant8 has the right SEO solution for you.

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