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Avant8 is a full service digital marketing agency located in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in quantifiable growth drivers, actionable strategy and stellar creative. As a premier SEO Company in Salt Lake City we focus on high quality creative combined with driving sales to your site. Whether it’s by increasing your web traffic through Search Engine Optimization, revamping your sales funnels through CRO, creating an insta-worthy Brand, or building the Website of your dreams, the end result is the same. We get lead costs down, ROI up and turn concepts and ideas into dollars and cents.

Bucked Up

build more than your body

We “Bucked Up” and got down to work helping Bucked Up with their SEO. We did a full site audit and helped them take their amazing content that they were producing and organized it so that it would be better crawled by Google. We focused on a sustainable backlink strategy and fixed some technical issues so that they could continue to rank in an incredibly difficult industry.

SEO, Down to A Science

Ivory Homes

Increase Google My Business Traffic

Ivory Homes has a lot of different locations and they wanted to drive more calls and foot traffic to their locations. The more people that saw the properties the more people they could get to live at their locations. We optimized each of their locations to help them continue to beat out the local competition.

Google My Business Optimization


Aesthetics & Marketing

NIMA is our oldest client. We have done it all! One of our proudest accomplishments with NIMA is that we have helped them grow a lot over the years and we are responsible for 60% of their revenue, but we are only about 20% of their marketing budget. We have designed, built and maintained their website, run paid ads very successfully, and created and executed their SEO strategy.

We Really Do It All


web design built for speed

The design of The Grid’s website finishes first! The Grid is a fast, sleek, Tronlike brand that was fun to help build from the bottom up. We helped them take their amazing brand and put it on display through their website, social media, and videography.

Design Your New & Improved Site

Evermore Park

Advice From The Experts

Evermore is a fun fantasy park that we offered consulting services to. We helped them organize their brand, social media, and gave tips on shooting images to showcase on their website and social media.

And, We Consult Too!

Sunday's Best

brunch me hard

Sunday’s Best is named one of the best Brunch spots in the Salt Lake City area and we were able to help them grow their social media account. We helped them gain over 1,000 followers in a span of 2 months. We also helped them create curated feed and drive more people to share their experience at Sunday’s Best through tagged social media posts.

The Power of Social

opportunities to educate

Waterford has built an amazing brand and we were lucky to help them refine and design their website. We worked on a lot of different aspects of their massive company and it was amazing to see our concepts be implemented.

We’ll Fill In The Gaps


driving to new frontiers

Barco decided to step into the online car sales world. Barco could get the trucks, but they needed a place to sell their inventory, and a brand customers could trust. We helped them build an amazing customer focused brand and website to help them get their trucks off their lots and into new hands.

Build A Brand Customers Trust

Paragon Homes

Building Homes Smarter

The owners of Paragon Homes have been in the construction industry for a long time, but they wanted to change their target customer from commercial to building fully custom homes. We helped them rebrand and pivot by creating a brand and logo that emphasized their experience in the industry, but catered to their new audience base. Once that was done we built an amazing website that mirrored the custom work they were doing in their clients homes.

Rebuild & Rebrand

the difference is night and day


it’s about relevancy & reach

put yourself into your brand

people won’t help but notice you in your blue suede shoes

how’s your visibility?


8 out of 10 Americans now shop online, so winning the battle for digital dominance is essential. As a Google Partner, with our roots planted firmly in SEO and our team of user experience experts, we can help you do it. 75% of all click traffic lives on Page One, and it’s time for you to get a piece. At Avant8 we act as a catalyst for the success and growth of our clients through innovation, creativity & genuine giving-a-shit.

75% of traffic lives on Page One

Over three quarters of restaurants in the United States have bacon on their menu

80% of Americans shop online

We 100% give-a-shit


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