Avant8 puts the Creative in Salt Lake Creative
December 8, 2020 | in Blog, Design | by admin

Creativity is an attribute that some folks thrive in. Whether they have been creative their entire life or they grew into it once they found their passion. If you’ve been a Salt Lake City resident for a while, you know that this city is full of wonderfully creative people. From the sidewalk chalk murals in the summer at The Gateway to the plethora of drag shows you can find at bars and other event centers, Salt Lake City is full of creative artists, musicians, and companies. As a writer who also has a part-time gig at Salt Lake City Weekly, here in SLC, I have seen the ins and outs of the Salt Lake Creative. Now, here as a full-time content writer, I can happily say that the creativeness does not stop in the arts. Avant8 is a company that thrives in the digital world and doesn’t hold back our creative side. Who is Avant8? What makes us a Salt Lake Creative? What can we do to help your local, national, or international company thrive? Let’s find out together.  


Who is Avant8?  

We’re just a rag-tag group of people with different talents all with one goal in mind … helping you succeed so we can succeed. At Avant8 we want to hear and then assist in sharing your story. We can do that by helping tell that story, accentuate your history, and show the world your abilities by putting the spotlight on your products, services, etc. We’ve got several people with several different skills that can help you achieve the goals you set.  


Avant8 has been a small business, so we understand the true struggle it can be. That’s why we are able to help you get through the transition process. We understand the type of marketing you need to break through. Although we are just a smaller SLC business, we have had experience with businesses that are far more popular. Even million-dollar companies that we’ve been able to help with their success. With this experience, small and big, we think we’re a stellar marketing companion. While you run your business, let us take the marketing seat, that’s what we do best, after all. We understand that each client is different and has different needs/goals. Because of this we easily cater to each client based on budget and what you want as your end result. Again, we want you to succeed so that we can succeed. 


What can a Salt Lake Creative like Avant8 do?  

We’re the technical creative type of folk. Just drive down to our State Street office and gaze at the side of our building. All of our employees come from different backgrounds and have different strengths. For instance, I, a content writer, cannot assist you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I don’t understand the technical aspects of it all, however, I can write a mean blog full of key words and information to help our SEO experts get your website to the first page of Google! As a Salt Lake Creative, we use our different skills to help your company succeed. We have many different services for you to choose from. Choose them all, choose a couple, either way, we’ll knock it out of the park. Here is a list of the services we provide for your viewing pleasure:         


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It’s likely that you have heard about SEO and probably don’t understand it. I know I didn’t! SEO aka search engine optimization. To put it simply, SEO helps your website get to the first page of a search engine, like Google. When a potential customer types in a keyword/phrase those sites that contain them are up first! Now, we won’t make your site look illegitimate by loading it with too many keywords, but we’ll make sure that the SEO enforced is Google compliant and will help your business achieve long lasting profit.   
  • Paid Search PPC (Pay-Per-Click): Pay Per Click may be the quickest way to get noticed. When a future customer types something into a search engine, it gives a list of websites that are similar to what they searched for. PPC includes you in this list, therefore there may be more action to your site. When you’re at the top, you’re more likely to be chosen. And we here at Avant8 can help you get there.  
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): Conversion Rate Optimization allows you to monitor your online existence. Creating a website and failing to watch how it’s doing is website death. Knowing and understanding the conversion rates of our sites will allow you to know how customers are interacting with it or if it’s socially comatose. No customers, no sales. CRO gives you information such as, what pages customs spend their time on, what products they are looking at and which parts of your site are forgotten. We want website visitors to be customers and CRO can help that.  
  • Web Design: What your website looks like and how it functions are how customers will view you. It’s fairly easy to create a website that looks good, but it needs to give results to be successful. Each industry has its own set of copy-cat websites, well, we aren’t going to build one of those sites. We want your website to stand out amongst the competition. We use a three Phase system that can ensure the success of your website design.   
  • Branding: Branding is a key aspect of creating a successful business. The brand you put out into the world is how future customers will identify you. If you cannot create an identity for your business, there isn’t anything to find. When your brand is recognizable it’s more popular and therefore more likely to succeed. We will help build you a brand that is creative and something that you can sustain to ensure success.  
  • Social Media: Social Media is a very important part of creating and sustaining a business. Now-a-days if you don’t have social media it’s harder to be successful and to become recognized. Social media takes your business from a characterless company to a company with a friendly personality that people can relate to. Social media is used to help connect others. Whether it be friends, co-workers, and even celebrities. A company that uses all that social media has to offer becomes more approachable and therefore more successful. At Avant8 we can help with whatever types of social media service you need. From taking full control of your social media to setting up campaigns for you, Avant8 can do it all. 


Avant8 is a true Salt Lake Creative company and web development company in Salt Lake. Creativity is in our bones and with our various technical skills can get your business to where you want it to be. Don’t let our hot-pink logo scare you, we can be serious too.   

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