Hottest New Social Media Apps You Need To Know About
November 4, 2015 | in Social Media | by admin

What are you doing to stay ahead of social media trends? This question should be asked frequently if a business wants to have expansive growth in a world where creating connections means everything. While there are thousands of social apps and platforms that come and go every day, there are a few fresh apps that have caught a lot of attention, and therefore deserves yours.


Wanelo – A name combined from the words of want, need, and love, Wanelo is a social shopping app that lets users connect with friends and see what products they have favorited. Wanelo features big name brands all the way down to the humblest of Etsy sellers.

hyper app

Hyper – A unique combination of ideas from Tumblr and Reddit. Hyper focuses on sharing pictures with an upvote downvote system in place. There is an emphasis on geolocation which allows like minded individuals to find locations, stores, or events they would find interesting.



Periscope – Perhaps the most innovative of new social apps, Periscope lets users discover the world by live streaming from someone else’s camera. Want to through the eyes of a Ukrainian protester? Check. Want to share your deep sea fishing trip with someone in China? Check.  Periscope lets users experience life in new and interesting ways.



Shots – Powerful but simple, Shots is a social media app dedicated exclusively to selfies and sharing them with friends. Similar to Snapchat, Shots features easier ways to connect with other users and friends with less emphasis on privacy.


All these apps listed are up and coming platforms that have shown to have a real place in the market. So don’t hesitate to start using them if you want real time engagement with your current clients or potential customers. Social media platforms are always easier to get into and control the earlier you get into them. Capitalize on innovative social engineering and watch your exposure soar.

In the words of Social Media legend Gary Vaynerchuk…



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