Is WordPress right for my site?
May 12, 2015 | in Design, Development | by admin

WordPress is undoubtedly popular.  Twenty percent of the internet uses WordPress but is it the magic bullet for all website needs? For many the answer is yes, but to understand if WordPress is the solution for you consider the following:


1) Cost – WordPress is free, with thousands of free themes and plugins to make your website look spectacular. Premium content is also available (for a price) if you want to give your site that extra edge. Cheap templates are also available to make your website responsive, modernizing your site and boosting your search results.

2) Convenience and Flexibility – Designed to be used by professional web designers and the masses, WordPress is simple enough for beginners but has enough depth to be used by even the biggest of sites. Many small personal blogs use WordPress, but major names such as Fortune, BestBuy, and the worlds  use WordPress sites as well.

3) Easy Installation – One of the most remarkable advantages of WordPress is how fast it installs on a hosting server. Webmasters need to wait only a short while before they can start adding content to their site.

4) Large and Friendly Community – WordPress has developed a robust and helpful community. The vast majority of the time you can know that someone has asked a question you have and you will be able to find an answer online.


1) Open Source – WordPress’s greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness. All of WordPress’s content is available to be manipulated, changed, and republished, allowing hackers to find loopholes in security to attack sites. There are ways to prevent this, but this can substantially increase the cost of your site.

2) Update Issues – While themes and plugins you buy will be updated along with the rest of WordPress, free content may or may not break with updates. Free content creators have no obligation to updating their code, causing problems with sites using their creations.

WordPress is what a CMS should be: Flexible. Many of the problems associated with WordPress can be solved with the aid of a professional, and depending on the size of your site you may not have problems at all. WordPress dominates the internet for a good reason, and you can be certain that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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