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Low budget marketing tips pt. 1
June 8, 2020 | in Blog | by admin

Here at Avant8, we get that budgets can be tight. This can make business goals, like growing your marketing, feel out of reach. Like they are a luxury. But marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve got tips for helping with your marketing that don’t have luxury price tags.


Be more social (media)

The social media landscape just keeps getting bigger and more populated. There are so many different platforms that can be beneficial to your business. If you’re not already on social media, get on it! Most social media applications are free to use. Outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok can be used to promote your business to different demographics with different benefits. These are popular social media outlets that are easy to navigate.


Consumers are on social media more than ever and therefore more likely to see your business. Another benefit to social media is its ability to reach certain customers. For example, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform. If you’re looking to connect with other businesses or people who are 35 years or older, it may be the place for you. Another example is Instagram, this application has many ways for businesses to promote themselves. Videos, pictures, and hashtags  are popular ways to use Instagram for business. Especially for retail businesses. Show off your products to new potential customers!


Social media is basically free advertising. Use it to your advantage!


Blogging for clicks

Blogs have been around for much longer than social media which means that it can be hard to write anything original. I, myself, unfortunately, started a blog during the most awkward time of life. Yes, you’re correct, middle school . Although that is over and done with, blogs can be a great tool to add to your businesses success.


Most blogging sites are free and it’s easy to add to an already made website. You’re here reading Avant8’s blog! Perhaps you found it from our social media posts, or you’re interested in working with us. Either way you’re here and that just shows that blogs can help. A blog boosts your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), educates your customer about who you are and what you’re doing, shows that you’re dependable (posting weekly), and it shows that your business is actively working on improving and educating. If you’re not interested in writing your own blog, try finding a content writer (we love these things).


Who wants free samples?!

Free? Free? Really? That’s right, folks! Free samples. If you say that you don’t like free samples, you’ve got to be lying. Who doesn’t love free things? There is something about getting something for free that makes it feel special. Free samples are also a great way to brand your business. Especially if you’re a new business.


During a time where there isn’t a global pandemic, the Pride events would be happening as we speak. Passing out stickers, drink koozies, or even t-shirts shows that A) You’re supportive of the event/cause and B) it gets your name out there! Using free samples for your business helps you stand out from the crowd of other businesses.


You’d be surprised what you can do to boost your marketing for free. As we continue this little series of ours, hopefully you will get an idea of what you can do to get some extra attention aimed at your business.

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