Social Media Marketing: Utah Edition
December 20, 2020 | in Blog, SEO | by Kara Rhodes

Utah edition? Why? Well, because we want to plug our company into another article, obviously. But also, because we know how difficult it can be to choose a company that truly knows social media. Social media marketing is extremely important these days and as a last-year millennial (1996) that lives on social media, I know this for a fact. The majority of the companies/products I choose I have found via social media. How did these companies target me and get my sale? Well, social media marketing. Social media becomes more relevant as the years go by. If you and your company are not online, it is almost like you don’t exist. If your social media isn’t popular or if you have yet to involve a marketing department, what are you doing? It’s time to get your head in the game (High School Musical reference? Maybe). Now, we don’t mean to sound critical, but we here at Avant8 want you and your company to be the epitome of success. And isn’t that what you want out of a social media marketing company? But how do you find such a company? And what do they do? We’ll touch on these things and more in the article so read on to find out more. 


Social media marketing: what is that?  

Put simply, social media marketing is the use of social media/websites to promote your product or service. The use of social media is this and is also used to connect with a wider audience by building your brand, drive website traffic and increasing those sales! Social media marketing can really make or break a company. If your company does not take advantage of social media, it will be more difficult for you to succeed. There are several different social media platforms. Some social media platforms that you may have heard of include, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and, of course, Snapchat. To be well versed in these platforms personally is quite the talent, but what about for a business? How can you use these to help boost your company?  


How to boost your social media 

Like we stated before, if your social media isn’t up to par, it will be far more difficult to reach success. So, how can you use social media marketing to your advantage? We here at Avant8 are what some would call experts at social media. We believe that having a solid social media lets your customers know that you’re not a faceless corporation but a company that looks forward to educating and helping each customer. Social media is where customers learn to trust a company and so on and so forth. Our social media marketing team can help with all of our social media problems, or just a handful. We can consult, train your team, create campaigns and content for you, or all of the above. Yes, Avant8 can do all of these things. Or you could try it on your own! Here are a few tips to help you boost your social media platforms for marketing purposes.  


  • What do you want out of social media? This is the first question to ask yourself. What goals do you want to set and reach for using social media as a marketing tool? Perhaps you want to gain a wider range of followers getting your reach out further. Or you’d like to just increase leads and sales in general! It’s important to get your goals set of what you’d like to achieve with social media marketing. This is important because of the wide range of ways social media can assist you and your business.
  • Who is the audience you want? When choosing a social media platform, it’s important to make sure that the audience you want will see you on that platform. Let’s say, for example, that your target audience is people in their mid-thirties, where will you find this audience? Will you find them more on Snapchat? Instagram? Or perhaps Facebook. To target the audience you want for engagement, doing some research on which platforms are most popular for that demographic can help you succeed. 
  • Who are your competitors? What are they doing? In every business there will always be competitors to look out for. When you first start your business it’s likely that you have done a little digging. This time when you’re digging around, try looking at their social media, is it popular? If so, what are they doing to make it popular? How can you use this information for your benefit? The idea of this is not to be a copy-cat but to help you strategize your next move to ensure that you are the top-dog of this industry.
  • Creating content is king. How do you do this? Here at Avant8 we know that content is king. If your content is hard to engage with, no one will want to engage with it. Try sticking with themes. For example, a specific color scheme or a graphic design. This way it’s easy for customers to pick you out from other competitors.   


Of course, these tips aren’t everything that social media can assist you with, but hopefully they are a good start. Using social media to your advantage could change the success of your business. There are so many companies and individuals that have gained huge followings just because they use social media the right way. Just think, we wouldn’t have Justin Bieber if it weren’t for YouTube or Halsey off of SoundCloud. These artist lives changed because of their use of social media. Just think of what social media marketing could do for you and your company. Although you may be able to apply these social media marketing tips yourself, why take the time from other important businesses when you could have a Utah based company do the work for you? Perhaps choosing a social media marketing company in Utah will be your best idea yet. Of course, this is just a thought.   

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