Social Media + SEO: the connection
April 22, 2020 | in Blog, Social Media, SEO | by admin

If you have escaped the realm of social media … you’re a rare one and, perhaps, lucky? With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us isolated, social media feels like, more than ever, like a gift and a curse. When used properly, social media can be fun for personal use or very beneficial for professional use. Using social media for professional use can be quite daunting no matter what kind of business you have. Professionals need to know the ins and outs of social media to win the game. The “ins and outs” of social media should always be linked to SEO (search engine optimization) because a solid understanding of it can help boost your online presence. Sure, you may understand social media, but do you understand SEO? Do you understand the connection between the two? If not, Avant8 is here to help! We have an entire team of SEO gurus that help our clients get views for their content and strengthen their social media presence. Here is a snippet of what our team knows to be important about the connection between social media and SEO.


Social Media is …

This is a basic point, but a very important one. Social media platforms are websites or apps that allow users to create and share content as well as participate in social networking. There are hundreds of different social media apps and websites. Often, they are both a website and an app for use on a smartphone. Some of the more popular social media outlets include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. Choosing which social media outlets to participate in depends on the consumer you’re trying to reach. Sites like Pinterest or Tumblr are often deemed more casual outlets whereas LinkedIn and Instagram will be a bit more professional. If your customers or clients are very young, they may gravitate towards Tik Tok, whereas older folks tend to prefer Facebook.


SEO is …

SEO is an important factor when running a business. Search engine optimization is, in simple terms, a process that increases how visible your content is to search engines. Basically: SEO tells search engines to put your work in front of the consumers you want.


The Connection

Now we know what both SEO and social media are; What is the connection? Our resident SEO expert here at Avant8, Tedd Vinson says, “Social signals are a factor for SEO. Google will check your social profiles to see how many followers and how active you are on social media. It may not officially be listed as a factor, but many SEO experts agree that there is a correlation between keeping social media active and growing your followers with search engine rankings.”


So, in short, the more social following you have and the more active you are, the more you will show up in a search engine.


Whether you own a small or big business, social media and SEO are key to your success. You can go at it on your own and see what you can learn about SEO and your social media or, perhaps, you can hire a person/company (cough … Avant8 … cough) to do it for you. Get in touch with us through our contact form to learn how Avant8 can increase your business’ visibility. You can also learn more here about how we’re updating our SEO practices to reflect social distancing.

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