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Avant8 is a full service digital marketing agency located in Downtown Salt Lake City, specializing in quantifiable growth drivers, actionable strategy and stellar creative. As a premier SEO Company in Salt Lake City we focus on high quality creative combined with driving sales to your site. Whether it’s by increasing your web traffic through Search Engine Optimization, revamping your sales funnels through CRO, creating an insta-worthy Brand, or building the Website of your dreams, the end result is the same. We get lead costs down, ROI up and turn concepts and ideas into dollars and cents.


8 out of 10 Americans now shop online, so winning the battle for digital dominance is essential. As a Google Partner, with our roots planted firmly in SEO and our team of user experience experts, we can help you do it. 75% of all click traffic lives on Page One, and it’s time for you to get a piece. At Avant8 we act as a catalyst for the success and growth of our clients through innovation, creativity & genuine giving-a-shit.

75% of traffic lives on Page One

Over three quarters of restaurants in the United States have bacon on their menu

80% of Americans shop online

We 100% give-a-shit

the difference is night and day


it’s about relevancy & reach

put yourself into your brand

people won’t help but notice you in your blue suede shoes

how’s your visibility?


you know you want to.

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