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tips & tricks to help you go from zero to hero with web design

web design tips & tricks for improving your website’s performance and presence

Web design is concerned with the production and maintenance of a website and encompasses not only many different disciplines, but also many different potential problems. Knowing even just a few simple tips and tricks could help you drastically improve your website’s presence and performance. Not only that, but these tips and tricks may also provide you with tangible goals and paths in order to achieve what you originally set out to do.

Web design is an important aspect of any modern business. Whether you like it or not, business is becoming significantly more digitalized. That means that having a merely functional website just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to ensure that your site excels in nearly every aspect in order for you to stand out against the rest. Good news is that there are some concrete steps and tasks that you can focus on to begin improving your web experience.

A lot of people think that web design starts and stops with how a site looks aesthetically speaking. In reality, web design encompasses several facets of a website’s health. Not only is the content on the page and how it looks important, but web design also focuses on maintaining these pages in several different ways. It includes Search Engine Optimization, web maintenance, and User Experience (UX). This may seem like a lot, and really daunting, but a few well-meaning tips and tricks can point you in the right direction.

tips & tricks for web design in utah

Firstly, make sure you site loads quickly and doesn’t shift content around. Without going into too much detail, this falls under UX, and is crucial in having a strong web presence. Site’s that don’t run well just aren’t going to do well. Another thing to consider is to keep it simple. This is mostly in reference to visual design. Research supports that users don’t enjoy visual clutter. Keep your design clean, relatively minimalistic, and simple. And lastly, scroll over clicking! Studies have shown that people would much rather scroll further instead of clicking through pages. It takes some of the load off of the user as scrolling is much more natural.




okay, but how important is web design really?

Web design is really, really important! So many different aspects of your website are included under the umbrella of web design that it becomes really hard to ignore it. If you focus on legitimately improving your web design, then you’ll likely see results. Yes, it is a lot of work and it’s going to take time. But it really is worth it and the results speak for themselves.

Utah web design is an unescapable reality. It’s important to you, to your company, and most importantly- your clients. Yes, that’s right. Your clients, or potential clients, care about your website. The anecdote of being frustrated with a company’s website and simply leaving it unimpressed or angry likely resonates with many of us. If you’re not focused on web design, then the unfortunate reality may be that your website is one of those sites. So, take the time, put in the effort, and really improve your web design. In the long run, it is nothing but worth it and the results show the worth of focusing on or paying mind to website design.


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