Adaptable Ad Agencies in Utah
December 3, 2020 | in Blog, Brands | by Kara Rhodes

Ah, ads aka advertisements or advertising. It’s a love-hate relationship. You search “cat costumes” once around Halloween and you’re seeing cat-clothing ads everywhere you look. Annoying, sometimes, but if you’re a business that wants to be seen everywhere, amazing! Of course, we here at Avant8 are all for advertising and getting your company the attention, it deserves, whatever it takes. This is why adaptable should be in the first word of your search for an advertising agency. If one type of ad isn’t working for your business, try another. If you are a person who is not able to adapt to what life throws at you, you better be prepared, because this is a rapidly changing world. This is why choosing an ad agency that is willing to work through whatever needs you may need will help you succeed in the long run. So, what makes an adaptable ad agency? How can you look for these companies worldwide and locally?  


First things first: Research 

Research: When looking for an ad agency it’s always important to do your research as the first step. This includes research about the CEO of the company, why did they begin this agency, what did they do before? Why are they passionate about their work? Do they just sit back and watch or are they heavily involved with their clients? This research also includes past or present clients they may have. Do they only advertise for a few select companies or are they diverse and have many different companies? Is this company local? Can you meet with them face-to-face? Or, in the world of 2020 will they be willing to hop on a video call with you? Does this company work only with local companies? Or do they reach world-wide? Do they offer only advertising? If so, what? Or do they have other services to offer? These are just a few of the questions to ask and answers to look for when you are researching an ad agency.  


Flexible, versatile, alterable, you get it 

Your business is of the utmost importance to you and it should be the same for the ad agency that you hire. There are almost too many agencies that claim to help with a number of tasks, but don’t quite hit the mark. Or agencies are too big to put your company at the forefront of their work. How do you find an agency that will put a shining light on you and your needs? We’ve got a few tips to help you find an ad agency that can help you navigate the world of advertising and beyond.  


  1. Ask “what does my company need?” After this question is asked, you will be able to narrow down on which company would work best for you. It’s important to have an outline of what your company needs and the details of the project you want worked on. This way your goals are in one place and it will be easier to weed out the companies that will not be able to reach those goals for you.  
  2. Look for the right vision and cultural fit. It’s important to look for an ad agency that has the right vision, workflow, and approach. Some agencies may be more laid back, others may have several checklists to follow. To have a positive, successful experience you and your chosen ad agency company should align.   
  3. Ask for results of campaigns. Each agency has a different group of campaigns they use to show off their success, because, obviously, they want your business. Asking for the results of campaigns is a great way to see what they have to offer. However, doing your own research of their ad campaigns and its results will truly show what they have done. Reviews are a great place to start. There will always be negative and positive reviews of any company, but if you have concern and there is a correlating review, maybe it’s time to move on to another agency.  
  4. Find a company that’s worked with a company similar to you. Although an ad agency that has worked with a diverse group of companies is important it is equally as important to find an agency that has worked with a company like you. If an agency has experience with the industry you are in it will be much easier to work with. There will be less bumps in the road. For instance, we here at Avant8 have experience working with many different companies so, if you look through our portfolio and see a company like yours, maybe we’d be a great fit.   
  5. Evaluate your agency. Once you’ve chosen your ad agency, we suggest evaluating your agency as time goes on. Is this company meeting your expectations? Are they looking to help you in other ways? Are they giving you the necessary information? Tracking your progress? Etc. You’re not stuck with an agency forever, so after a contract you’ll have a great or not-so-great opportunity to leave a review. 

Advertising is very important in today’s world to get your product, service, etc. out on the market. Having a great experience with an advertising agency may make or break your willingness to continue your business. Here at Avant8 your success is our success. And we promise, we are as adaptable as they come.  As a Utah web design company, we’re also happy to help improve your website, or any other web development related need!

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