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Is it your logo? Is it your color palette and typefaces? Your tagline? These are all things that a brand has, but what a brand is, can be a little harder to define. “What is your brand?” seems like a simple enough question, but we know the answer is anything but simple. If you find it difficult to define your brand, your customers will too.

But these expectations are more than just the tangible goods or services you offer. This promise also incorporates the expectations your customer has for how they will feel when the associate with your brand. This promise needs to be clear, consistent, and believable to both you and your customers.

Ultimately your brand is built by your customers, not by you. It’s not what you want your promise to be, but rather what your customers believe your promise is that ultimately defines it. Curating a look and presenting a message that reinforces your customer’s perception of your promise is branding.

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The most popular brands follow a certain formula. A successful brand keeps its content consistent and recognizable, like Coca-Cola. The same red is used in all of the Coca-Cola company’s branding to cause the customer’s mind to automatically associate the two. A strong brand also evolves and adapts with the times to remain relevant and fit in with the culture of the time, like Apple.

Apple products were once considered luxury items, until one day everyone owned an iPhone. Now, they update their product often enough to remain in the public eye. A popular brand becomes instantly recognizable and fulfills the user’s expectations, like Disney. From toddlers to the elderly, a wide range of audiences recognize the Disney castle and know what fun and happy content to expect from the Mouse House.

Good brands can be defined by design patterns and consistency, but great brands are an experience, an experience that speak to those that recognize it, and that resonates with those who use it. Great brands wind themselves into people’s lives, and attach to something that they believe in. Creating market loyalty, is creating an idea, something bigger than a logo, or a problem best solved.

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