How Utah Does Social Media
December 4, 2020 | in Blog, Social Media | by Kara Rhodes

Utah does just about everything a little bit differently than the rest of the world, and we like it that way. This includes social media. The more you view social media as a tool for your personal or professional business the better off you’ll be. As a 1996 millennial, I grew up watching the cell phone go from a flip-phone to smart phones. Every year there was new technology, and this includes social media. I had a Myspace, although I wasn’t allowed to, and then I’ve had an account on Facebook for far too long. Long enough that I have memories that remind me that I shouldn’t have had social media back then. So, you could say that I am well versed in social media like lots of us are. Now that I’m an adult with a couple of degrees and a full-time job as a content writer, I understand the power that social media holds. Oh, and I also live here in Utah. So, how does Utah do social media? And more importantly, how does Avant8 do social media and how can that help you and your business?  


Social media: it’s really not that complicated  

How can social media help you and your business? Let’s first think of all of the humans that use social media on a daily basis, for several hours. Then let’s think of all the different platforms of social media there are. Some, but not all examples are, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok. Each social media platform is slightly different, but they can all do something for you and your company. On social media everyone can engage with just about everyone else on social media like celebrities, family, friends, and even famous pets. So, why wouldn’t they engage with your company? Putting your business on social media changes the dynamic between you and your potential customer. Instead of being a big, scary corporation you become a business with a personality that is friendly and approachable. If you become a business that is more approachable, then you’ll be approached more. The better your social media presence, the more popular you’ll be. See? It’s really not that complicated.  


Social media and your business 

Okay, okay, you get it. Social media is important for a business. But what can it do for you besides give you an online presence? A lot. Social media can help the traffic of your website increase. Ads and posts on social media are a great way to increase the traffic to your website. You can post an ad on almost every social media application. These can be paid ads or just posting something with a hashtag or the pound sign for those of you who are not yet well versed in social media lingo, #getittogether, can boost your post to the top of a search. Commenting on other social media posts can potentially get a customer on your page. There are many different strategies for this and Avant8 social media specialists can help you with that.  


Once you’re getting a bit more traffic on your social media, you’ll be gaining more traffic on your website. Do you know what that means? Yep, more sales! The more traffic you get the more potential customers you’ll have. It’s like a customer rabbit-hole. They find you on Instagram, go through our stories and posts, oh … what is this? A link to their website? *Click* and ta-da you’ve got a brand-new customer. And isn’t that the whole point of your business? More clients, more sales, more success.  


Social media is also a great way to get a solid customer service going. I don’t know about you, but I hate calling customer service lines. It takes forever and a lot of the time I don’t get what I want accomplished. Well, social media allows you to take customer service to the next level. If you let your customers know that your DMS (Direct Messages) are open for questions, we bet your inbox will be full. Sometimes they may be simple questions, others more difficult, but no one will complain about how easy it is to contact your business’s customer service. 


There are so many ways that social media can boost your business. There are things that you can do yourself or you could leave it to some folks who know it best (us, Avant8).  


Social Media Utah: Ask Avant8 

Here at Avant8 we know how social media can change your business from drab to fab. We have several different services pertaining to social media. Our services sort of look like a menu, you pick and choose what you want, and we’ll deliver.  


Some of our services include:  

  • Full service: sit back, we’ll take care of it all
  • Consulting 
  • We’ll train your in-house team 
  • Creating content for you 
  • Campaign set up 


We understand that each business is different and so your needs, resources and budget will all be different from the next. Our top-tier social media experts will help devise a plan for your social media that works for you. Take a look at the clients we’ve helped with social media. 


We do know how social media Utah is done, however social media is universal, so, I guess we’re universal social media experts. Not to toot our own horn but … *toots own horn*  


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