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As a small business owner, understanding brand identity and logos can sometimes be an overwhelming battle. You know that a good logo is important, but why? Often, a well designed logo that means something more to your consumer than a nice icon and a good font will increase trust and loyalty, which will inevitably increase sales.

The anatomy of a logo

know what you’re talking about


A signature is a composition of different logo elements, arranged to work together as one unit. Signatures usually consist of a Brandmark, Logotype and Tagline. The beauty of a signature is that the same elements can be rearranged. This allows a brand to have several different signatures, each arranged specifically for its own purpose.

Wordmarks use the letters of the company name to form the logo. The letters are often customized using a distinctive font, colors or arrangement. Wordmarks can stand alone or be combined with a Brandmark of some kind.

Pictoral Marks use an image that is easily recognizable. For example, Midvale arts employs use of multiple pictoral marks to tell the story of what they do.

Abstract Marks are non-objective, meaning they don’t reference any object in the natural universe. These marks are design-based, and create an individualistic feeling for the company.


of Americans don’t trust companies whose logos they don’t like.
think color is important in designing a good logo.
believe a simple design results in a good logo.


The Truffle Cottage

The Truffle Cottage

Midvale Arts Council

Midvale Arts Council