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worlds without end

Dimensions is a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) that takes out all the complications with rules and dice. No hefty rulebooks: all you need to start playing the game fits inside a box the size of a deck of cards. No intimidating polyhedral dice; just some standard six-sided dice. Dimensions is the game for those who enjoy Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones but are hesitant to take the plunge into the deep waters of Dungeons & Dragons. More than just the standard fantasy genre, Dimensions explores many worlds with genres including sci-fi fantasy and steampunk.

simplified storytelling

The brand and visual identity of Dimensions had to convey a game full of creative thinking and storytelling, without leaning too heavily on one genre. The brand couldn’t alienate people new to TTRPGs. A six-sided dice inspired the mark and interdimensional mesh texture visualizing space and time. Custom icons for player classes were developed to have a cohesive look while being unique enough to identify the class based on the icon or color alone.

Dimensions logo light and dark versions stacked
looking up at skyscrapers
Have Some Class. Barbarian. Bard. Cleric. Gambler. Monk. Paladin. Ranger. Rogue. Warrior.

The website was developed to get users excited for this new game and direct them to the kickstarter campaign. Always looking to the future, it was important to convey that this game would continually be updated, adding new dimensions for players to explore and new classes to try out.

In addition to the branding, website, and kickstarter page, Avant8 also helped develop the game itself with game modules, story writing, and player testing. The playing cards and packaging were designed to be familiar and simple game pieces that didn’t rely on a player to remember where the modifier for their Persuasion skill was on their character sheet and have to do math every time the game master asked them something.

wireframe of Dimensions homepagemockup of Dimensions homepage


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