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The challenge initially faced with NIMA was building a digital footprint for a brand new organization that had no reputation online, as well a generating leads/enrollments without a database of previous students. This meant creating an SEO strategy from scratch, researching and choosing a targeted keyword list with very little data, ensuring both on page and back-end content was search engine compliant and working to establish their rankings locally without a solid digital foundation.

Controlled growth was also a factor, to ensure that NIMA could cope with the number of enrollments generated, in accordance with their class sizes and number of classes available annually.

Initial Goals:

  • Generate leads/enrollments.
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Develop a solid digital footprint.
  • Dominate the local market and expand into National market.
  • Generate revenue to further expansion and ongoing marketing efforts.

Focusing initially on carefully selected regional terms, and quickly branching out to pursue national targets, Avant8’s strategy and implementation included…

  • Creating original content relevant to the key terms and web subject matter.
  • Targeted ‘white hat’ link building campaigns.
  • Increasing domain authority and trust flow of the site.
  • Adapting to search engine algorithm changes.
  • Frequently re-evaluating niche key terms to ensure the best search volume and to maintain industry relevancy.

NIMA now enjoys page one results for a myriad of keywords on both a local and national level. All NIMA classes are now filled to capacity, with the average enrollment having a worth of $15,550. In 2015 they will be extending their digital footprint and enrollments across 7 new states.

Avant8 utilizes about 20% of NIMA’s marketing budget and generates approximately 65% of all enrollments.

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