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December 19, 2020 | in SEO | by admin

With the digital world growing at an exponential rate, businesses’ tactics of staying current and visible on the web have also evolved. One such tactic is search engine optimization, affectionately known as SEO. The rising demand for business owners to up their SEO game has led to a spike in SEO services, designed to relieve such business owners from the stress of trying to stay on top of the complex, constant operation that is search engine optimization. If you’re looking for SEO services in Utah, then look no further my friend! You’ve come to the right place. 


But wait! Isn’t Avant8 just a regular digital marketing agency? Yes, we are an exceptional (no room for regular here) digital marketing agency, skilled in many different areas spanning across the digital marketing platform, but we’re also known for our specialized SEO services. From web copy to email campaigns to social posts to blog pages…we’ve got the tools and the know-how to successfully optimize your business. 


Why Does SEO Matter? 

SEO essentially determines how easily internet browsers can find you. If someone googles your business or a keyword related to your business, and you pop up on the first page, then consider yourself properly optimized. However, if someone googles and you turn up on page three, well – you have some work to do. To do this work, you’ve got to have analytics. Our SEO services provide these and do the analyzing for you. This allows us to monitor things like which keywords are ranking high for your particular industry, what time of day you’re getting the most traffic, so on and so forth. When we collect this information, we’re able to target which keywords we need to use, when to post on social media, and other methods of increasing traffic to your business.  


The need to increase your visibility on the web has become increasingly important as many companies move to online ordering and the general public turns to the internet to find whatever it is, they’re looking for. If you want to get your product out there, then you better be on that first page! Think about it, when was the last time you googled “best pizza in Salt Lake City” and ended up on the third google page browsing through articles and restaurants? Answer: there isn’t a last time, and that’s exactly why SEO services are so crucial to keeping your business in the spotlight. 


How Do You Do It? 

There are many, many different approaches to improving your SEO, which is yet another reason so many businesses seek out SEO services to help them get their name in the spotlight. At Avant8, we hit them all. To keep things sweet and simple, we’ll cover just a few of the major methods. 



Keywords are something of a no-brainer. It entails using specific words that are common for people to search when seeking out a business like your own. Using analytics, we can monitor which particular keywords are receiving a lot of attention on google and use this to optimize your webpage. For instance, if you own a gym, you’ll likely be looking at keywords around exercise, gym equipment and fitness.  


Alt Tags 

Alt tags go hand in hand with keywords. They’re basically image descriptions, which presents a perfect opportunity to squeeze in more keywords and upping your chances of showing up in google searches. For instance, if you’re an ice cream shop and have a picture of someone scooping cookie dough, you could make the alt tag, “cookie dough ice cream.”  


Meta Descriptions 

Meta descriptions are the smaller print text below the link title. They’re essentially a descriptive preview of what lies ahead. Many people don’t realize you can custom write these meta descriptions–and that’s all good and dandy; if you don’t personally write one, the web browser will automatically pull text that covers the general purpose of the site. However, if you write your own, you can insert buzzy keywords and make your website appear more polished and professional. Google and other search engines will reward this legitimacy, ultimately boosting your SEO. 



Which keywords are popular and best to use is an ever-changing target? If you’re in skincare, “facials” might be ranking high one month, while then next month it might be “dermaplaning” that’s getting all the hits. Blogs, or other content-based posts, are a fun and effective way to continuously update your site with the latest high-ranking keywords. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to inform users on why your product is awesome, or simply to entertain them! If users are engaged, interested, or amused by the content you’re publishing, they’re more likely to come back and spend more time on your page. Google and other search engines reward your SEO the more time a user stays on your page.  


So, if you’re in skincare, releasing a 1000-word blog post on “the best skincare routine” can have a positive impact on your SEO. However, search engines can be a finicky pain in the arse. While repeatedly using a keyword like “face cream” can lead to search engines reward you and boost your ranking, they can also punish you if you overuse, ultimately deeming your posts as spam-like content. This is another reason businesses seek out SEO services; we have the expertise to strike the perfect balance. Furthermore, not every business has the time or resources to continuously publish 1000-word blogs.  


Uh-Oh, We’re Not in Utah! 

If you found yourself on an “SEO services in Utah” blog post and are finding yourself entirely charmed by our banter and skill, but are now realizing, “wait a minute, I’m not in Utah!” No worries! Avant8 caters to remote clients on the regular. We can still provide SEO services to your business, so we get to stay in Utah, and you get to stay right where you are! We don’t only offer Utah SEO!

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