Where to get Utah SEO
December 17, 2020 | in Blog, SEO | by Kara Rhodes

With Utah being a huge hub for technology geared businesses it’s not unlikely that you will have a few choices on hand. What company will be the right company for you and your SEO (search engine optimization) needs? Well, look no further, Avant8 is here to save the day. Maybe we aren’t superheroes, but we are experts in SEODon’t worry, we’ll prove it to you, no need to take our word for it. But, before all of that, we should make sure that you understand SEO. It can be a bit confusing (at least for this content writer) so, we’ll assist you there as well. What is SEO? Why is it an important tool for your business? And, of course, what makes a good SEO company to work with?   


What is SEO?  

Before beginning anything new, it’s important to understand definitions. Search engine optimization is, simply put, a process that will assist in increasing the visibility, quality and quantity of people visiting your website or an app. What is visibility, you may ask? Well, let’s give an example. When you’re driving down the highway and you see a billboard for a plumbing company. How many times do you see this billboard? At least once a day while driving to work, right? Well, that’s sort-of how SEO works but online and far more intricate than renting a billboard to advertise. SEO uses different methods to get your website or an app to the top of a search engines page (Google, for example). Let’s say you type in “Utah billboards” that keyword will list thousands of different websites/apps that have the words “Utah” and “billboards”. The ones that the tippy top are the ones that are using SEO strategies.  


Now, why would you need to use SEO? Why is it an important business tool? To create more traffic for your website/app, you need to be seen correct? That’s where visibility comes along. The more visible you are, the more traffic you’ll get. The more traffic you get, the more potential customers you will get. The more potential customers you get, the more sales you might make. Get the picture? SEO helps you achieve more sales by making your website more visible to those searching for it. More sales, more success! 


Starting a business is hard enough as it is and learning all of these new terms can be annoying. That’s why we are here to help you understand and do the hard work for you. If your company cannot be found, there is a very low chance of anyone making a purchase for our product or service. With our SEO experts on the job, we’ll get your search visibility up to where it belongs. 


What to look for in an SEO company and a shameless plug 

Choosing employees is hard enough and choosing a company that will help your company succeed is a far more difficult task. What should you look for in an SEO agency? Here are a few tips:  


  • Avoid companies who make large claims: If an SEO agency speaks as if SEO is so easy, anyone can do it. Because, well, it’s not an easy thing to understand, let alone do. It may sound like it’s easy for us, but that is because we know how it works. The ins and the outs, and even the middles. For someone to try and do their own SEO without any prior knowledge is likely a bad idea, but we can’t stop you. All in all, companies who make large, seemingly impossible claims? Well, we suggest moving on.  
  • Goal specific: This is what to look for in a company as well as something you should do. Prior to meeting with a potential SEO company, you and your team should make a list of specific goals you want to meet with SEO. Why? Some SEO companies will hit you with a broad “we will increase organic traffic.” Sure, this may be something you want, but there are more results to look for. Increasing organic traffic doesn’t always mean increasing revenue. Be sure that the SEO company of your choice is goal specific just like you.  
  • Word of mouth: You could type “best SEO” into the search bar, but that is far too broad. The best SEO experts are busy helping their customers succeed, and therefore don’t generally have time to work on their own websites (this is the first time in almost a year that I, a content writer, have written anything for our own company). Finding a company for SEO purposes can be hard by word-of-mouth, especially this year. Word of mouth could mean finding a company that is similar to yours and is quite popular, and find out the SEO company they use then, contact them. Or reading reviews on the SEO companies you do find. Try finding customers of SEO companies that have been in business with one another for a lengthy amount of time.  
  • Communication is key: Is this not a solid rule of thumb? It is so hard to work with/for a company that does not communicate well. So, make sure that when you choose a SEO agency that they communicate well and often. This way you know how SEO is going with your website/app and you are able to watch for the results.   


We here at Avant8 hope that you have learned a bit more about SEO and how to choose the right search engine optimization specialist. We also hope that if you are looking for Utah SEO (or anywhere else, the internet is everywhere) you come to us. We’ll make the process simple and we’ll update you accordingly. So, where do you get Utah SEO (again, we can work with anyone not just Utahns)? Right here.  

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