Website Development Utah: What to look for
December 14, 2020 | in Blog, Development | by Katie Rogers

Most people will immediately pull out their phone or laptop when they have a question that someone cannot answer right away. Whether it be questions about the universe, questions about the weather, or what time that one restaurant closes. This seems to be the quickest way to answer the unknown. This is the main reason that folks create websites, to answer questions that their potential or current customers may have. Of course, there are several other reasons to create a website, but this should be the firssteppingstone. Creating a website may seem like a daunting task. Where do you even begin? What information should you display? What information should you leave out to ensure a potential customer’s interest? How do you make sure that a customer can pay on your website? How will these future customers even find the site? Great questions! Here at Avant8 we will happily answer these questions for you and all the while, will help you understand what to look for in a website development company.  


Website Development Utah: Why?  

Why does your company need a website? Well, our intro revealed one of the reasons your company should consider a website. What if someone has a question about a product/service? Sure, they could give you a call, but what if the line is busy? Or business is booming, and you cannot get to the phone? You’ve lost a customer. If you have a fully functioning website a future customer will be able to find the answer they seek and boom, you have a new customer. Or perhaps it’s a tossup between your company and another…the more information you provide the more they’ll choose your company. In this day and age, especially the year of 2020 if you’re not online, you’re out of luck. How will someone know that you’re still in business and they can shop online now? To run a successful business, a website shouldn’t be an option. There are several different sites in which one can create their own website and sure, they look okay, however, do they function properly, and do you remember to update your website when needed? These are a few of the reasons why getting a web development company is important. They can help create your website and have it look absolutely fabulous and functional, all the while helping you maintain and fix bugs that you don’t know how to. So, how do you choose a website development company?  


Choose me, choose me!  

Okay, well, not me. I couldn’t create a website that didn’t look like a fourth grader did it. I am a content writer for a reason. No, choose Avant8. There are several things that have been found that you should want in a website developer and we’ve got them all. Here’s a few things to look for that, well, we align with: 


  • They are listeners: You’ve got a vision, we get that. That’s why choosing a website development company that is willing to listen is of high importance. If the company you are choosing will not listen to your ideas, you’ve made the wrong decision. These people may be the experts of websites, but you’re an expert in your field and they should understand that. Your designer should be able to put your ideas into action.  
  • They are creators: Yes, you’re the expert in your field but, so are we. That’s why another key is to make sure that your designer gives your ideas as well. This does not mean that they take the reins. This just means that they should be able to give your ideas that you may not have thought of. They should be able to bring your ideas to life while adding a little spice.   
  • They are national and local: Whether you are national or local, the website development company that you choose should have experience in both areas. Why is this? If the company has only developed for local companies, it’s likely that their audience is quite narrowed. This is not a huge problem; however, it does mean that they are not allowing your business to be as successful as it can be.  
  • They have experience in many different industries: A company that has experienced many different types of businesses will be able to design a website that is best for the industry. If a website development company only designs for one industry their websites will look similar to one another. You want a website developer that can make your website pop so that it can reach a bigger audience. And therefore, bring in more customers and profit for your company. 


Of course, there are many other things to search for when choosing a website developer. These are just a few that we found important to start with. Now, why Avant8? Do we truly align with all of these points and … more? Yes, yes, we do.  


Avant8 for the win 

Why choose us? Sure, we’ll listen to you and we’ve got our own ideas for you. We’ve worked for local and national companies. And our experience in different industries is wide. There are many companies that can build you a good-looking website, but we want to help you be profitable. That’s why we build it pretty and profitable. We’ll build your site from scratch to ensure that there is no cookie cutter in sight. Your website will be a sight to see and will stand out from the competition. We believe that your story and brand are worth the effort, so, we’ll make it. We’ve got three phases we use when developing a website. We begin with Phase 1: Strategy, Phase 2: Iteration and Phase 3: Execution. To learn more about our process, click here. We here at Avant8 want you to win, so that we can win. 


Website Development Utah: that’s us 

Websites are so important to ensure that your business is successful. We’ve worked with Utah locals and at international levels. With this portfolio under our belt, we won’t disappoint.  

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