Where to find Web Design in Utah
December 14, 2020 | in Blog, Design | by Kara Rhodes

If you’re reading this, welcome to Utah! Whether you have just moved to our great state or you’re just now looking for a web design company, welcome. Utah is full of a lot of amazing things, like the ‘greatest snow on Earth’ and people that you may view as almost too nice. What a lot of people don’t know about Utah is that we are quite the hub for web design and most things digital. There are many ambitious people here and that leads to many local businesses. With that comes a lot of web designers and businesses that claim to be experts in getting your website to the top of the lot. When it comes to businesses, it can be difficult to choose the right web designers to really assist you in creating the ideal website that will display your baby (aren’t businesses sort of like your baby?) in the right light. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the right web design company. But perhaps we can help you figure out what to look for to begin the process.  


Go Local 

Utah loves local businesses and that’s one of the reasons that this is our first post-intro paragraph. The other reason? Well, we here at Avant8 want you to understand that we could possibly be the right web designers for you. Not only are we experts of web design in Utah, but we are also SEO (search engine optimization), paid search, CRO (conversion rate optimization), branding and social media experts. Now, we don’t want to claim this title without any background, so, we’ll let you decide by taking a look at our portfolio. Not only have we assisted business in Utah, but many other areas as well. Avant8 wants you and your business to succeed. So, maybe before choosing a larger company, try a native Utah company and go local.  


What to look for: web design  

Now that we have shamelessly plugged our company into this article, what should you look for when looking for a web design company? Choosing a company to help build, well, anything can be so difficult. The world today is so online and if you don’t have the right web site, or tools to enhance that website, your business will not likely succeed. That’s why you need folks that know the ins and outs of web design to ensure that you and your web site will succeed. Here are some ways to help filter-out the web designers that you do and don’t want to work with.  


Listens to your ideas and has their own: You and your company are what is important here. Web designers are not experts in what your company stands for, sells, wants to portray, etc. You are that expert, so make sure that your web designing company listens to your ideas. If they won’t? Drop them. However, it’s important for a web designer to have ideas of their own. You understand your company, but designers know design and that’s why you are looking for a web designer, to bring the ideas that they know will help your web site get to its full potential. 


Portfolios are priceless: When looking for a web designer, but sure to check out their portfolio pages. Why? If a web design company does not show active websites on their portfolios, why would you choose that company? Sure, they made a cool website in the past, but if it were successful, why wouldn’t it be still running? Take your time filing through their portfolio to see if you like any of the designs, if you hate them all? Try a different company.  


Experience with an array of companies: It’s important to look at all of the companies that the web designer deals with. Is there a large variety? Or are they stuck on the same type of business? It’s great to be an expert in web design, but the design needs to be creative to each different company. Having a ‘copy and paste’ website won’t do you any good in the long run. So, we suggest choosing a web designer that has been successful with many different industries.    


Modern designs: There are so many companies that are stuck in the past. Whether it be the color scheme they use, or the language they use to describe certain aspects of their company. This should be a huge deal breaker. You want your company to display modernity because that is what will be popular and successful. If a web designer is stuck in the past, your website will be too. Be sure that the chosen web design company knows modern designs to ensure the success of your website.  


Cheap designers: cheap website: Now, we all like a bargain, right? And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, when it comes to web design, cheap is not the way to go. Building a business is an investment and building a website should be too. If you want a cookie-cutter website that will “get the job done” you could choose a dirt cheap company or you could choose to invest in your website to ensure that it will help your business succeed.  


Web Design Utah 

Utah has many great things to offer and great web designers is just one of them. We understand that choosing a web design company can be far more difficult than you think it should be. We hope that this article will help you choose the web designer of your dreams. These were just a few of the ways that can help you narrow down the best designer for you. Another way to choose the right web designer for you. Reviews. Reviews are a great way to get an understanding of what a company is truly about without their own bias. Sure, we here at Avant8 think we rate 10/10 but, that’s just our perceptive. Try looking at different reviews through different platforms to help you find the right web designers for you and your company. Best of luck!   

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