Why web development is oh-so important in Utah
December 16, 2020 | in Blog, Development | by Katie Rogers

Okay, you’re probably thinking that web development is important in every state, not just Utah. And you’re right, it is. But Utah has some extenuating circumstances that makes it extra important here. We wanted cover what makes our home state so special when it comes to web developmentBut we also want to talk about why web development is definitely something you should be concerned about if you’re a business owner in any state. In fact, let’s start there now 


Covering the importance of web development in general 

We wanted to cover this first just in case you were wondering why everyone goes so crazy over web development. We really don’t need to say it, but everything is online these days. Especially now, everyone shops online, they see friends and family online, they work and go to school online, they even exercise online. Most everyone these days carries a device with them everywhere they go that has more computing power than the computers that put man on the moon. That’s kind of nuts. 


So, why is web design important? Because (despite what Madonna said) we’re living in a digital world. Companies need to be able to adapt to this. So, you need a website. You may already have one. But it may be time to sit down and take a really good look at it and ask yourself some questions: Is it up to date? Does it look good? Is it usable? That last question is one of the most important that you could ask. Because if you’re website is confusing or doesn’t work right, potential clients and customers will likely not waste their time. All of this is part of web development, making sure your website looks and acts in a way that reflects your company. 


What about web development in Utah? 

It’s pretty clear why web development is important in general, but what makes Utah so special? Let’s just start by saying that there are many things about Utah that surprise people that aren’t all the familiar with our state. We have a lot of artists. We have a really impressive music scene and have had one for a while (look up SLC Punk if you don’t believe us). We also have a lot of tech companies that have made Utah their home. Companies like Overstock and Adobe have set up corporate offices here and many other companies have followed. So many, in fact, that part of the Utah Valley now has the nickname “Silicone Slopes.” 


What does all of this mean? It means that Utah is becoming a tech state. This means that there will more-than-likely be all kinds of web-focused trends that will come from Utah. As a local business owner, you don’t necessarily have to hold yourself to the standards of Adobe, but it could mean that you could be at the forefront of all of this. It will be worth it to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Of course, you should see how the sites of the big tech companies look (especially those that may be in a similar industry as you), but you should also pay attention to what you’re fellow business people are doing. See how they translate these web development trends onto their sites. 


But Silicone Slopes isn’t the only reason that web development is important in Utah. It is also a big deal because Utah has the youngest population in the country. And where do the youth spend a lot of their time? Online. This means that your company may be reaching a younger demographic than you realize. So, it is pretty likely that if you are a small business trying to make it in Utah, then you need to make sure that your website is up to snuff. Because kids these days (especially in these Corona-days) are going to be looking for you online more than in the real world. 


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t expect you to do this all on your own. As a small business owner, you’re a busy person, with a lot to do. Not only that, but you may not even know where to begin in designing and programming your own website. But that’s why we, Avant8, exist. We are a digital marketing firm. That means that our focus is primarily on helping you with your online visibility and appearance. We have designers, developers, and writers all here to make sure that your site is appealing, usable, and reflects your company properly. 


It may seem kind of cheeky to plug our services in an article like this, but what kind of digital marketing company would we be if we didn’t talk about what we could do for you in an article about digital marketing? If you’re curious about what kind of work we do, check out our portfolio. We’ve work with companies of all sizes, in all kinds of industries. There is no company too small or too niche for us to help. 

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