increase in organic traffic

the objectives

The Big Clock Store’s marketing campaigns (SEO and PPC) found that more money was being allotted to the less performing campaign. Correct budget allocation is a common issue that we see when onboarding new clients. There were multiple issues with SEO structure, PPC strategy, and an overall lack of taking advantage of “low hanging fruit” opportunities.

the solutions

We hit the reset button and did an overhaul on both SEO and PPC campaigns. We restructured the entire SEO strategy and made dozens of on-page and back-end changes. This resulted in a jump in organic traffic and produced the lowest Cost per Acquisition in company history by a considerable amount. Regarding the PPC campaign, we segmented out all product and customer groups and treated them as their “own company”. We did this because each product attracted a very different customer profile, for example, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle clock vs a Christian religious clock.

the results

Organic Traffic7486 Monthly Visitors13542 Monthly Visitors81% Improvement
Organic Cost per Acquisition$23.62$12.0796% Improvement
PPC Cost per Acquisition$68.65$15.77335% Improvement
PPC Conversion Rate1.60%7.38%361% Improvement
Organic Traffic
7486 Monthly Visitors13542 Monthly Visitors
81% Improvement
Organic Cost per Acquisition
96% Improvement
PPC Cost per Acquisition
335% Improvement
PPC Conversion Rate
361% Improvement

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