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Nebo started with a plumbing family business. They realized that their industry had been working the same, flawed way for about a century. Nebo set out to revolutionize the home service industry for the digital age by making an app where customers could hire local service workers on their time. Service workers using the app would compete to claim jobs, similar to Uber drivers. With Avant8’s help personas were created for audiences ranging rom housewives, to millennials, to DIYers.

modern convenience

Avant8 went to work on a new brand, website, and app that needed to be developed. The logo had to be clean, modern, and approachable, while being able to work as an app icon on a phone. The concept came from a honey-do checklist and a home. The bright orange conveys the energy of getting things done. Imagery needed to look professional, bright, and free of artificial effects.

nebo icon background pattern

The website funneled the two different customer segments—customers and service providers—to appropriate sign up forms, guaranteeing them access to the app when it launched. The app itself included functions for customers to create and track custom jobs, provide GPS driving directions for service providers, and make payments. A custom icon set was created for service categories, styled to be cohesive with the line style of the logo. Introductory animated videos were created for both customers and service providers.


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