Social Disruption
In Branding, Web Design, Social Media

Social Disruption is a lifestyle / apparel brand created in-house at Avant8. The brand was created to push the ideology that conforming entirely to society is not only degenerative to yourself, but to society itself. if progress is going to be made, disruptions need to take place; whether that be in society or in yourself, it doesn’t matter. But these moments of rebellion take place in many different forms, and most powerfully in the way that you unapologetically represent and hold yourself in the outside world. It’s black or it’s white; you either know, or you don’t.

Our challenge was to create a brand, line of apparel, and website that appropriately conveyed these ideas without being so jarring that it would push people entirely away, but would instead invite everyone to participate.

Due to the stark nature of the ideology, Avant8 created a striking black and white logo, branding system, and website that is as straightforward as the concept. No confusion, no distractions, just the information you need in the place that you need, but displayed in a unique way that isn’t found on other traditional websites. However, so as not to create too much confusion, all the standard and recognizable user flow techniques that exist elsewhere on the internet are still utilized to create a new and interesting, but understandable experience for each user as they explore the site.

When approaching the lifestyle imagery associated with the social media strategy, Avant8 pulled from popular and successful streetwear brands for inspiration on in-house shoots, but incorporated a more staunch voice that truly pushes the mood behind the brand.

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