Who has the best SEO services in Utah? (Spoiler alert: it’s us)
December 12, 2020 | in Blog, SEO | by admin

Just in case you didn’t know already, SEO (search engine optimization) is a pretty big deal these days. It was a pretty big deal even before 2020, but now that this year and everything that has come with it has hit, it is even more important right now, because everyone is doing just about everything online. Since SEO has everything to do with your visibility online, it is essential that you do what you can to keep it in a good place. That’s where we, Avant8, come in. 


As a digital marketing firm, we do everything from website design to social media. But we do particularly well in SEO. In all reality, any digital marketing firm should be good at SEO, but all the other companies that offer SEO services in Utah don’t have anything on us. Because we are so proud of our SEO abilities and are eager to share, we thought we would give you some tips and tricks about SEO for free! Plus, it will give you a good idea of what we can do for you and your business’s visibility. 


But before we can really get started, let’s give you a quick definition of what SEO is. 


The main things you should know about SEO 

Whenever you’re thrown into a new industry, it feels like there are a million new terms and acronyms to learn. So, the appearance of something called “SEO” probably comes as not much of a surprise. But that doesn’t mean that it is easy to tell right off the bat what it means. So, let’s talk about that a bit. 


Search engine optimization is not too hard to understand when you break it down to its essentials. You already know what a search engine is. Odds are, you used one to find this article. It is what you use to look things up on the internet. Most people use Google, but Yahoo and Bing are also search engines. So, when you say “search engine optimization” what you’re really saying is making your site as visible on for these search engines as possible. 


But how do you do that? Mainly, through keywords. Keywords are what you use to look up things on the internet. For example, to find this blog you may have searched “SEO services Utah.” Then the search engine you’re using then looks all over the internet for anything that has the words “Utah SEO Servicesat least somewhat together. Then it sorts the links to the site through a few different criteria. This criteria tends to be things like, how many words are used in the post with the keyword, how many times the keyword is used, etc. The idea of SEO is to set up your site and maintain it in a way that when people search keywords related to your business, you show up on the first page of the results, and potentially as one of the top entries. Because, let’s face it, who goes to the second page on a Google search? 


What Avant8 can do for your SEO 

It’s not hard to see why companies want their SEO to be good. If your SEO is better than one of your competitors, then people are more likely to visit your site than theirs. And since this world is even more digital than usual, the visibility of your website can make a major difference.  


So, how exactly would we help out your SEO? There are a few ways that we could do it. Here is a list of some of the top ways that we help out our clients: 


  • Identifying keywords. Figuring out keywords is kind of like when, in school, your teacher would ask you to share something interesting about yourself during a “getting-know-you” game. Sure, at first it sounds easy, but when you have to do, your mind goes blank and you totally forget about that time that you broke your arm doing a backflip off a snowmobile. We help our clients map out what keywords fit them best and what ones they think are worth working towards. 
  • Fixing copy. After we help you figure out your keywords, we can help you comb through your website to make sure that it reflects those keywords. We will make sure that they are there and used in appropriate ways that will make both search engines and your customers happy. 
  • Blogging away. One of the biggest SEO services that we offer is writing blogs to boost SEO. Search engines love blogs. This is because they like seeing keywords in informational situations and surrounded by a bunch of other words. So, we help our clients with their SEO rankings by producing informative, fact-driven blogs that are focused on a particular keyword. 
  • Socializing. Did you know that social media can help with your search visibility? It’s true! If you make posts with your keywords in the captions, either as part of the caption or as hashtags, search engines will pick up on that. Now, it won’t boost the SEO of your website directly, but if people go to your social media page, they should be able to get to your website because it should be linked on your social pages anyway. We can help you keep up your social media in a SEO-friendly way 


These are just some of the highlights of what we offer by way of SEO services. We have a bunch of other methods, that are best known by our team of SEO experts (and not as well known by this content writer). You could also do some of these your self if you wanted. Though, we think we’re pretty safe in assuming that you’re a busy person, so maintaining and tracking your SEO may not be something you have time for. That’s why Avant8 is here. We’re a digital marketing company. SEO is just one of the many things that we do, but it is certainly one of the things we’re best at. In fact, we offer the best SEO services in Utah and web design in Salt Lake City! 

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