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Wicked Website Development Utah: Avant8
December 5, 2020 | in Blog, Development | by admin

Creating a website can seem like a daunting task. Luckily for people and companies who aren’t sure where to even start, they can hire people who do. This is where Avant8 comes in. Website development is just one of the digital marketing services we are proficient at. After you create a business plan, there should be a checkpoint on the list that states “get online.” If there isn’t, write one down. Businesses that aren’t online cannot be found, and you want to be found, right? Right. Anyone can build a website (unless that someone is me) that looks pretty but does it function correctly? Does it flow? How is the branding on the site? Will the website break down immediately after you launch it? These are all questions that are important to ask us when you hire Avant8 to create a website for you. Why us? Glad you asked.  


Website creation: how does Avant8 do it?  

Here at Avant8, we pride ourselves in being a little different than the other guys. We are different in several ways, but the way that is important in blog is, well, the way we design websites. Avant8 uses a 3 Phase system to help create and launch a website. Each step is used to ensure your website is a success. We aren’t going to make some cookie-cutter website that you have seen over and over again. We’ll create something that will give you a head over your competition. Let’s go through the phases that will grant your business the success it deserves.  


Phase One: Strategy  

  • Hypothesize: In the beginning of our process, we want to research your field and the history of it. We’ll give your ideas of what we believe the message you want to be taken from your brand. There are different messages and themes that we’ll guess you want your audience to receive. We do this to ensure that your brand is viewed in the best way possible.  
  • Ideate: In this part of the strategy phase, we’ll form the highest possible number of ideas/solutions that we can regarding your brand. We use our creativity to find the perfect way to reach your business goals and principles.   

Phase Two: Iteration  

  • Synthesize: This is when we start to sew together each piece of information we have gathered into a whole. We start to create full design solutions then a flow that will help establish the way that users will interact with the website. We want the way the user interacts with a specific customer to be the best it can be.  
  • Create: In this step we find different patterns, design solutions, and components that will work best for your site. The create phase is like a rough draft to see how our ideas will work. We work to fix the problems that may not have been realized in other steps. We then ensure that this is the best possible format for your website.  
  • Experiment: This is the step where we create a prototype. This is done through an unpublished site (don’t worry no one will see the website until it’s perfect). We’ll then ask for feedback to fix anything that you believe could be improved or something that you like.  

Phase Three: Execution 

  • Develop: In this step we implement the changes that you’ve asked us to make and create the website. If we change anything you aren’t aware of, we’ll make sure to connect with you and explain our reasoning.    
  • Validate: We made it! The last step. This is where we ensure that web users can actually use the website and we will measure how successful it is to use. We’ll create a list of important information of the launch and how user interaction is going. Don’t worry, we’ll never leave you alone during the process of launching a new website. Once it’s launched, we’ll help chart progress and guide you through any issues.  


Your website should be something that you’re proud of and that has high functionality. We want your website to drive sales up and get you to reach your goals.  


Website Wants 

You can always come to us before you have any ideas of what you want in a website but being prepared never hurts. Here are a few questions to help you get started on brainstorming a website.  


  • What is the aim of your website? There can be several different aims you’d like to achieve for your website. Is it to inform people you exist? Is it to sell your products or services online? Are you just showcasing your work? Or perhaps all of the above and more. Most websites have many different functions. It’s important to understand what key aims you have. This way you can focus on perfecting those.   
  • Who is your target audience? The audience you want to reach is extremely important when it comes to all aspects of your business, but also website development. Your target market will affect different things. The overall design, the theme, and the usability. If your audience are folks that aren’t used to using websites, you’ll need to ensure that it is simple enough for them to navigate through. Or if your audience is advanced perhaps making it a bit complex will show them that you’re the real deal. Either way, understanding what your target audience needs and wants to see in a website is key.  
  • What designs/layouts do you like? This bit will involve some research. You don’t want a website design that is like everyone else’s. You want a unique design that is catered to what you like and what will work. Look up some businesses that are similar to yours. Write down what you liked/disliked about it. Try to find a color scheme that fits your brand the best. Once you’ve come up with some ideas, we’ll help you refine them and perhaps give you some ideas that you’ll love!  


Utah Web design can be tricky and we’re happy to assist you in creating a wicked website.  

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